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Weddings in Villa ... your special "I do"

A beautiful setting for your special day

I do in villa

Imagine your wedding in a dream setting, a romantic and very special surrounding, in a beautiful Villa in Lucca.
The Town Hall of Lucca has instituted a special Civil Registry Office just for this purpose, for celebrating weddings in different locations, in exclusive and historic villas, other than the prestigious "Green Room" of Palazzo Orsetti.
A series of locations have been selected, luxurious residences of ancient aristocracy, built in the green countryside and surrounded by the hillsides, or inside the Walls of the town.
A perfect blend of history and nature for the most beautiful day of your life, for celebrating your civil wedding.


Villa Bernardini

Villa Bernardini

Villa Bernardini - Via di Vicopelago - Lucca - phone 0583/370327 - info@villabernardini.it
The Villa was built in early 1600 on behalf of the Bernardini family, it stands in the middle of a green and shady hillside only 3kms from the town centre of Lucca.
Villa Bernardini is a superb location for high class events, it offers the emotion of a romantic and fascinating atmosphere.
The wide park around the villa is adorned by more than 350 varieties of vegetation such as age-old trees, flourishing shrubs and gaily coloured flowers. The "Verzura Theatre" along with the "Secret Garden", the "Winter Garden" and the "Lemon House" are just perfect to make your wedding day unforgettable.


Villa Grabau

Villa Grabau

Villa Grabau, Via di Matraia, 269 - San Pancrazio - phone 0583/406098 - info@villagrabau.it
Villa Grabau, is an important historical residence of the 16th century; you must pass an elegant iron gate and go up the driveway to reach the building. It is only 7 kms from the city centre, in an architetectonic and naturalistic wonderful landscape immersed in a park of nine hectares which is one of the most interesting in the area of Lucca; the historical estate of villa Grabau offers sensations of times gon by.
The Villa, with its elegant halls decorated with "Trompe l'oeil" and its precious furniture and old paintings, the Park with its age-old trees and rare botanic species, the majestic 17th century Lemon House with its collection of citrus plants, the charming "Verzura Theatre" and the various dependence offer their spaces for ceremonies, parties and hospitality.


Villa Oliva

Villa Oliva

Villa Oliva - San Pancrazio - phone 0583/406462 - info@villaoliva.it
Just a few kilometres from Lucca, in Tuscany, on the famous hills of Lucca, you  will find Villa Oliva, certainly one of the most beautiful historical villas in Italy. Built between the end of the XVth century and the beginning of the XVIth by the Bounvisi family on a plan of Matteo Civitali, it gives you today the possibility of celebrating your wedding in an atmosphere of rare beauty, among statues, fountains and magical water games.
Completely surrounded by walls, the garden of the villa is settled on three levels which give it liveliness and movement.
The property offers the possibility to host events in the age-old Lemon House, recently restored and in the Stables: a perfect set to make your "I do" unique.


Villa Sardi

Villa Sardi

Villa Sardi - Sant'Ilario di Brancoli - phone 333/4664728 - info costnigra@infinito.it
In the heart of the Brancoli hills, known as "Brancoleria", the gates of Villa Sardi with its garden open onto the ideal and exclusive setting for receptions or weddings as well as cultural and recreational events. Protected by a retaining wall, the 15th century villa offers wide open spaces of green full of flowers, surrounded by century-old trees, leading guests into a magical and unique atmosphere of times gone by.
In such surroundings receptions can take place either inside the ancient home or in the gardens, with the use of terraces as a dance floor, plunged in the magnificent frame of the nature in Lucca.


Villa Bottini

Villa Bottini - Via Elisa - Lucca - phone 0583/442860

Built by the Buonvisi family in the second half of the XVIth century, Villa Bottini is a corner of paradise that offers you the possibility of celebrating your marriage in a uinque and exclusive setting, characterized by elegant rooms with frescoes. Villa Bottini overlooks Via Elisa, in the heart of the historical centre of Lucca, just a few steps from the guarded car park of the "Caserma Mazzini".
Surrounded by a high wall, to protect privacy, Villa Bottini nestles in the shadow of a spendid park where age-old plants increase its glamour: plane-trees and magnolias are the ideal setting for photos. Open spaces, romance and charm: the ideal to make your wedding day unique.



Time of ceremony
Bride or bridegroom living in Lucca
Bride and bridegroom NOT living in Lucca
From Monday to Friday
from 9 am to 12.30
€ 300
€ 700
From Monday to Friday
from 3 pm to 6.30 pm
€ 450
€ 1.000
from 9 am to 12.30 and
from 3 pm to 6.30 pm
€ 750
€ 1.250
Sunday and holidays (*)
from 9 am to 12.30 and
from 3 pm to 6.30 pm
€ 750
€ 1.250

(*) except main holidays: New Years day, Easter Sunday, 1st May, 15th August, Christmas Day
The prices are refered only to the fees due to the Town Hall of Lucca for celebrating the wedding

What to do


The bride and bridegroom must contact the Villa to check if it is free on the chosen date.
The cost for the use of the villa is to be treated with the owner and it will depend on the services requested.
Once you have defined these agreements contact the Weddings Office

Comune di Lucca
Ufficio Matrimoni Stato Civile
Via San Paolino 140
tel. +39 0583/442860 - 69
The procedures to follow


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